Custom Development
NextBill offers the ultimate custom development services, integration and deployment of custom systems into a production environment. NextBill is the low cost online billing model that offers robust features and the ultimate in custom development. The NextBill design team understands the technology; it was a pioneer in the industry that developed the first full-billing-cycle direct billing model in 1999.  With NextBill, take advantage of processor independence, customer-driven technology enhancements and robust product abilities. Get started with NextBill today and enjoy the customer service attention your company deserves.

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NextBill offers advanced eCommerce Consulting services, integration and deployment of custom systems into a production environment.

Hosting & Management
NextBill offers multiple product delivery options. Our ASP model enables our customers to utilize our entire product line in a full service hosted environment. This is an ideal option for companies looking for quick and efficient deployments.

NextBill Core Benefits  

Proven Technology
NextBill's parent company, Brinkman Financial, has designed, developed and supported leading edge software products for over 25 years. Technology behind the NextBill product has been a leader in the online billing industry since 1999.

Customer Driven Solutions
NextBill product development is driven by the needs of our customers - all NextBill technologies are fully customizable to meet any company’s needs and allow for customized branding.

PCI Level One Compliant
Our payment gateway is fully capable of processing all payment methods under PCI Level One compliance.

Processor Independent
Many companies implement a payment gateway system only to find later that they are tied to a specific processor and locked into periodic fee increases. NextBill’s flexibility to interface with any processor offers the ability to negotiate the best deal and change processors at any time. NextBill clients enjoy the freedom of processor independence.

Purchase Options
NextBill offers multiple purchase options from a fully hosted ASP model, Software as a Service (SaaS), Site Licensing, to Source Code Purchasing. Speak with a NextBill representative today to discover your full range of use, service and technology ownership options.

NextBill is:

  • Fully International: Multi-lingual and Multi-currency capable
  • Fully customizable to your company’s branding and business rules
  • Fully modular with all other NextBill technologies and your company’s legacy systems
  • Available for purchase as follows: Site Licensing, SaaS, ASP
  • Offered under the Microsoft .NET development platform
  • PCI Level One Compliant

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