How long does it take to set up NextBill to deliver bills?
NextBill is easily customizable and can be market ready to deliver your customer bills within one business week of receiving your billing data file.

How Can I integrate this into my IT Environment?
NextBill is a hosted system with no hardware to install. There is no cost for Hardware or Hosting. NextBill has been developed on the Microsoft .NET Platform.

Who Controls My Data?
NextBill imports the data into a database for retrieval and display. Data storage is based on NextBill’s data handling policy or your company’s data handling policy.

What steps do I need to setup credit card processing?
Credit card processing requires setting up merchant accounts, a bank account and creating the credit card processing interface for integration into a web site. With NextBill, you only need to set up a merchant account.

What is PCI compliance?
Visit the Standards Council at

What reports are available to us?
The system provides reports regarding the day’s processing, summary statistics, credit card details, bad email reports, delinquency reports and customized reports needed by the company.

What types of bills can be displayed?
The system is flexible on the type and layout of the bills displayed. The current design calls for a single bill to be displayed at a time but complex bills with invoice detail drill down is available.

Can I setup bills for different purposes/divisions?
Absolutely; the system is designed for multiple bill types and divisions and can easily handle additional divisions within your organization.

Can you integrate into my existing user name/login system?
If the company already has a login/password process in place, the Nextbill system can be integrated. If your company does not currently require a login and password access, the site can support a login/password page.

What download file formats are supported?
Just as the types of bills are flexible, the download formats and options are also flexible. NextBill can support multiple download formats with the CSV file format as the easiest to customize. Additional development time is required to analyze and develop the additional feature.

Who will field customer service requests?
BFC currently provides second-level customer support with the company providing the first-level of customer support.

Can I customize the web site look and feel?
To a limited extent, the site can be customized to your needs.

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