NextBill Complete Features

Online Billing
View Current Invoice
NextBill Push and Pull Presentment methods give you the ability to “push” bills to your customers via email; as well as have your customer “pull” their bills from your online system. NextBill can operate push or pull – or the two methods simultaneously.

Invoice History
Why use paper? Your customers will enjoy the ability to view past invoices with NextBill’s invoice history. No more storing and filing – their previous bills will be available via your NextBill system. Invoices are searchable based on date, invoice number, account number for all open, closed and disputed invoices or bills.

Payment History
Customers will be able to view all past payments online with NextBill. Detail such as payment method, amount and date of payment are viewable. Payments are searchable based on date, invoice number, account number for all open, closed and disputed invoices or bills.

Printable User-Friendly Format
If the customer prefers to have a paper copy, the NextBill invoice prints out formatted just as the original paper invoice would have been.

Email User-Friendly Format
The customer is able to email their invoice to the account registered email address.

Email Notices, Reminders, & Receipts
Keep your customers informed with NextBill’s email system. Email notices when invoices are ready to be viewed, reminders for payment and payment receipts.

Multiple Language Display
NextBill is configurable to display any language.

Business-to-Business & Business-to-Consumer Capable

Online Payments


Accept all Credit Cards & Electronic Checks
All credit cards and electronic checks (ACH draft) are compatible with the NextBill Payment Gateway. The gateway can handle wire transfers, paypal and many other payment types. Ask about company branded cards!

Processor Independent
Many companies implement a Payment Gateway only to find they are tied to a specific processor and locked into any fee increases they may pass along. With NextBill’s flexibility to interface with any processor, you have the ability to negotiate your best deal and change processors at any time.

Charge Back Processing
NextBill takes care of all charge backs by canceled payments.

DEMO System
NextBill offers a DEMO system that explains how your customer is able to schedule and pay their bills and invoices online.


PCI Level One Compliant
The NextBill Gateway is fully capable of processing all payment methods under PCI Level One compliance standards.

Fraud Prevention
Stop fraud with NextBill. The NextBill Gateway provides unique and powerful fraud prevention tools. Contact us to discuss how your company can save money with a stronger fraud prevention tool set.

Payment Validation Tools
NextBill ensures your customer’s payment information is accurate to better ensure your collections.

Payment Features

Recurring Payments
Guaranteed on-time payments! Enable your customer to enroll in recurring billing so that their account is drafted on the due date, each month they have a balance due.

Expedited Payments
Allow your customer to pay quickly and easily with the NextBill system.

Scheduled Payments
The customer enjoys flexibility to schedule payments as it best works for them.

Partial Payments
The customer enjoys making payments as they’re best able with NextBill Partial Payments.

One-Time Payments – No Account Needed
NextBill One-Time Payment allows the customer to make a payment without registering for an account.

Extra Features

Payment Wallet
NextBill securely stores client credit card, electronic check, wire transfer and paypal information using NextBill fraud prevention and authentication technologies.

Accept Donations
Accept donations with the NextBill system; the donations system is configurable to any amount you or the customer chooses.

Apply Promo Codes & Coupons
Promo Code and Coupons are a breeze with the NextBill system. Create, modify and keep record of promotion codes with the NextBill system.

Dispute Processing
Save time with NextBill’s dispute resolution tool. Customers are able to dispute total bills– or even line items within an invoice. Customers are also able to describe the dispute reason within the NextBill system. Automated disputes will enable you to invest this valuable staff time elsewhere.


Management System
Custom Reporting
Enhance your company's payments invoicing and processing. NextBill offers important reports built-in to its default system that helps your company better manage its payments process. Reporting on any topic is easy and configurable to your company's business rules.

Delinquent Payment Follow-up
Automate delinquent payment follow-up with your customers with NextBill’s automated system.

Customer Profile Management
Organize, create, monitor and report on the status of your customer accounts, payments and payment history as well as any special customer needs or requests.

Donation Collections Management
Create, modify, report on and keep record of donations with the NextBill system.

Promo Code Management
Create, modify, report on and keep record of promo codes with the NextBill system.

Multiple Language Display
Configure what language is displayed where on your site with the Management System’s Multiple Language Display Tools.

User Roles
Designate which staff can access and alter particular information such as user accounts, payment information, promo codes, audit trails and fraud prevention tools.

Audit Trail
Record all actions with complete oversight on any changes made to your payment system.

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